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The modern Flâneur’s guide to Shanghai

Fifty authors from different domains – architecture, urban planning, photography, digital arts, literature, sociology, etc. – contributed sixty-five pieces to the publication Shanghai Nø City Guide, from the online review Urbain, trop urbain. As a digital book, the medium allows a multitude of forms – writings, videos, photos, and online applications.

The Shanghai Nø City Guide is not a simple tourist guide, nor a rigid tool to discover the city, but a tool to enable visitors to Shanghai to roam the city in so many different and unique ways. It is designed for “today’s urban wanderer”, ultra-modern new actors accustomed to latest technologies and people who can afford to wander around with digitally-supported 714 pages book in their pocket.

For more details see: Shanghai Nø City Guide

  • 2012/05/10

  • Shanghai

  • Modu Team


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The modern flaneur’s guide to Shanghai 31.225344, 121.488892 THE MODERN FLANEUR’S GUIDE TO SHANGHAITags: Digital Territories