modu : A Tale of Urban China

Editorial Line

MODUMAG.COM is an English-language online magazine devoted to urbanism in all its diverse forms and experiences in China today. Modu 陌都 provides a multi-media platform with articles, research, news and events that approach the city as home, social process, research object, and design laboratory. The magazine explores the ever-changing Chinese city to bring diverse insights to a wide audience interested in contemporary China.

WHY THE NAME “MODU”? Composed of the characters 陌 (mò), meaning “path”, and 都 (dū), meaning “metropolis”, it articulates our interest in the study of diverse urban scales. Combined together, these two characters are also the contraction of the phrase 陌生都市 (mòshēng dūshì), the “unfamiliar city”. In this sense, we view the city as always surprising and fluid, yet difficult to fully know.