Modu Magazine: A Tale of Urban China

Editorial Line

MODU MAGAZINE / MODUMAG.COM / 陌都 is an English-language online magazine devoted to urbanism in all its diverse forms and experiences in China today. Modu Magazine provides a multi-media platform with articles, research, news and events that approach the city as home, social process, research object, and design laboratory. The magazine explores the ever-changing Chinese city to bring diverse insights to a wide audience interested in contemporary China.

WHY THE NAME “MODU”? Composed of the characters 陌 (mò), meaning “path”, and 都 (dū), meaning “metropolis”, it articulates our interest in the study of diverse urban scales. Combined together, these two characters are also the contraction of the phrase 陌生都市 (mòshēng dūshì), the “unfamiliar city”. In this sense, we view the city as always surprising and fluid, yet difficult to fully know.

Modu Magazine contents is articulated between four main axes:

Spatial Dynamics: we highlight the relations which tie urbanization processes and Chinese societal transformations.

Forms & Uses: we decode the ability of urban and architecture projects to adapt themselves to their surrounding space and population.

Urban Imaginaries: we explore the creative scenes where innovative visions and initiatives are generated for the City of today and tomorrow.

Public Policies: we analyse the institutional and political mechanisms that influence urban development and cities’ organization.

Three main features organize Modu Magazine contents :

In the Decoding rubric, our four axes drive the magazine with a transversal approach to the City. Readers can find various format of texts, including In brief, Articles, and Focus. The Focus format allows contributors from different backgrounds to publish long-format articles, photograph and visual art works.

In the Event rubric, we promote scientific, experts, cultural and art events unveiling new visions and initiatives related to Urban China. In this section we also publish on a regular basis call for ideas, call for publications, call for entries and call for projects. 

In The Other Map rubric, an interactive Smart Map enable for the first time a selective inventory of new urban and architectural projects across Chinese cities ; we also geotag our contents (In brief, Article and Focus) when in link with a city, an area or a site in particular. The Other Map allows readers to cross information about projects and contents and live a 2.0 tourist experience.

Modu Magazine is an editorial project powered by Sinapolis, an office for multidisciplinary research on City and Territory. Modu Magazine receives the support from France Embassy in China and is resident at IBA Basel / Motoco in Mulhouse – a trinational artistic incubator supporting artisitic, cultural and multidisciplinary projects.