Modu Magazine: A Tale of Urban China


Modu Magazine is an independent editorial project founded by French urbanist Jérémie Descamps, chief editor of the magazine.

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE (2014-2019). General Concept: Jérémie Descamps. Editors: Benjamin Ayto, Gwenaëlle Brandelet, Angèle Cauchois, Florian Croisé, Pascale Dejean, Morgane Duval, Thibaud Girod, Kimberley Le Pape, Liu Ying, Noémie Lisbonis, Léonie Martin, Oriane Pillet, Laurie Rachet-Jacquet, Guillaume Reymond, Nicolas Toraille, Julien Vincelot, Xu Shi. The Other Map: Paris Kiritsis, Jérémy Leugé, Lucien Salomon, Levy Sharabi. Translations & Proofreading: Bridget Rooth, Victoria Nguyen. Web architects: ; Jean Seurin.

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