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Shanghai Project – “Qidian” Open Call

The jiulinghou generation, born in the 1990s, has been brought up in the reformed and open China. These young Chinese are therefore particularly connected with the globalised world, and yearn to develop their projects. The platform “Shanghai Project” – gathering thinkers, artists, scientists as well as various professionals – has decided to launch an open call for projects of Chinese citizens born after 1989. Called Qidian (奇点), this program has been developed in partnership with the research project 89plus, focused on this same “digital natives” generation.

Each project has to be presented in four images or Pdf pages. The selected participants will have their projects displayed in an exhibition, regardless of their specialities or background, in order to promote and reveal China’s freshest talents.

Date: Submissions from March 28 to May 16, 2016
Location: Shanghai
Call for papers: Presentation of the project, up to four pages
Link: Qidian (Shanghai Project)



September 4, 2016 to
Call for projects-Exhibition
  • 2016/09/04 -

  • Shanghai