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Cao Fei : “HX” at Centre Pompidou – Exhibition

The Centre Pompidou is currently hosting an exhibition dedicated to the chinese contemporary artist Cao Fei. She presents her project work “HX”, named after a disused community cinema “Hong Xia” located nearby the now famous 798 Art District, a former major industrial hub of Beijing City. The whole district has since undergone radically changes, with many factories ceased to operate and areas designated for redevelopment. By staging this disused community cinema, the exhibition reveals the rich and complex histories of a rapidly transforming neighborhood. Cao manages to (re)narrate and (re)imagine the past, the present and the future of a changing community swirling in the currents of our urbanized and globalized societies.

“HX” comprises an entirely new body of works including a feature length film, a collection of videos, photographs and archive materials as well as installations that are largely developed from found objects related to the artist’s research.

Beijing-based Cao Fei (born in 1978, Guangzhou) is one of the most celebrated Chinese artists working today: she was a finalist of the prestigious Hugo Boss Art Prize in 2010, and named Best Artist at the 10th Chinese Contemporary Art Award in 2016. Aspects of her practice are clearly influenced by and stem from the tremendous transformations that have taken place in China over the past three decades. Yet, it also resonates on a larger and international level, addressing topics of a globalized society and workforce. Her artistic language straddles between reality and fantasy. “HX” exhibition is the first ever solo exhibition of any Chinese artist at the Centre Pompidou, an important achievement for both the artist and the institution which is about to launch its Shanghai flagship in November this year.



Art research on urban transition in Beijing


June 6, 2019 to August 26, 2019


Galerie 4 – Centre Pompidou, 75004 Paris. Opening hours: 11am to 21pm


Centre Pompidou


Young Ma assisted by Loïc Le Gall

  • 2019/06/06 - 2019/08/26

  • Paris

  • Centre Pompidou