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Vanke on a cloud

Ballistic Architecture Machine (BAM), a Beijing-based American art and design think tank, had the smart idea of offering Chinese developers an ingenious way of filling the thousands of square feet of empty space near the major shopping centers by designing monumental technical sculptures.

Under the slogan “Nature is an idea” (read: a concept), BAM considers “the idea of nature as changeable since new technologies are reshaping our environments” and therefore rethinking the traditional concept of nature. The real estate giant Vanke, always in search of architectural innovations (Urban Tulou in Guangzhou, their headquarters in Shenzhen, etc.), has ordered a cloud from BAM. “The client wanted a cloud, so we designed a cloud!” says BAM, perfectly summing up the exuberance of Chinese real estate developers today.

  • 2012/05/22

  • Chongqing

  • Modu Team


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Vanke on a cloud 29.642690, 106.515850 VANKE ON A CLOUDTags: Architecture, Real Estate and Housing