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“Pingshan” project continues in Lanzhou despite bans

The huge “Pingshan” project (literally “leveling mountains”) in the valley of the Yellow River in Lanzhou has been ongoing since mid-2012. This huge project aims to make tens of square kilometers of mountainous areas practicable in order to meet urban expansion ambitions. It was stopped dead in its tracks last April, as it was not meeting environmental criteria set out by the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment / Huanjing Yingxiang Pingjia).

However, on June 22, 2013, The Southern Weekly (Nanfan Zhoumo) reported that more than a hundred vehicles belonging to the Pacific Construction Group (Taipingyang Jianshejituan) are still at work in the mountains.

  • 2013/07/12

  • Lanzhou

  • Modu Team


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“Pingshan” project continues in Lanzhou despite bans 36.061255, 103.831860 “PINGSHAN” PROJECT CONTINUES IN LANZHOU DESPITE BANSTags: Environment, Urban Project