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Municipal government decides to take on Beijing’s wastewater issues

If it is true that Beijing is not crossed in its center by a large river, with more than 425 waterways on its territory, the city is not devoid of water. However, among them, 141 have been contaminated by outlets’ discharging and impacted by urban growth. Furthermore, around 30 water bodies are even labeled as “extremely polluted” by the public authorities.

The Beijing Water Authority declared the implementation of concrete actions to combat water contamination and even forecast that by 2018, most of the polluted and smelly waterways of the capital will have been cleaned. The measures taken by the municipal government include public-private partnership and the construction of a massive amount of wastewater treatment plants: 76 projects have been launched last year and 45 of them are already operational. This issue is particularly sensible for Beijing, where the water resources are already very limited with only 150 cubic meters per person, the worldwide standard being 300 cubic meters.

  • 2016/02/01

  • Beijing

  • Florian Croisé


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Municipal government decides to take on Beijing’s wastewater issues 39.905909, 116.391349 MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT DECIDES TO TAKE ON BEIJING’S WASTEWATER ISSUESTags: Communiques, Environment