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Density and poverty meet in Hong Kong’s “rabbit hutches”

The boundaries of Hong Kong city are limited. Seven million people live on 1,104 km². Space is precious, rare and expensive. Photos of the Daily Mail taken by the UK photographer Brian Cassey show that in Hong Kong, high density coupled with extreme precarity leaves only restricted living areas to some of its dwellers, for some that literally means the edge of their bed.

These “rabbit hutches” are home to around 100,000 people, excluded from a real estate market where luxury properties are traded at high prices. The housing situation in Hong Kong is so extreme that some owners do not hesitate to ask up to 200 US dollar a month for a rabbit hutch.

  • 2012/01/30

  • Hong Kong

  • Modu Team


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Density and poverty meet Hong Kong’s “rabbit hutches” 22.279328, 114.162813 DENSITY AND POVERTY MEET HONG KONG’S “RABBIT HUTCHES” Tags: Real Estate and Housing, Social Issues