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Beijing’s historical axis seeks recognition in World Heritage list

A project to renovate forty-six historic buildings, including the most important ones in the capital – the Shenwumen door of the Forbidden City, the Lama Temple, the Bell Tower, etc. – has been launched in Beijing this week. The renovation sites lie on the 7.8 km strip running between the Bell Towers and the Drum of Yongdingmen gate, constituting the central north-south axis of Beijing. While the maintenance of the monuments is generally supported by its authorized agents, the oversight body and investor is the city’s Office of Cultural Affairs.

This project falls within the framework of the preparation of an application for registration to the Unesco World Heritage List of this historical axis. Read more about this defining urban axis on Sinapolis’ post from February 3rd, 2012: “New Threats to the Drum and Bell Towers and surrounding Historical Area”.

  • 2012/05/28

  • Beijing

  • Modu Team


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Beijing’s historical axis seeks recognition in world heritage list 39.905909, 116.391349 BEIJING’S HISTORICAL AXIS SEEKS RECOGNITION IN WORLD HERITAGE LISTTags: Communiques, Heritage