Modu Magazine: A Tale of Urban China

Artistic Short Film Explores Urban Planning in Beijing

In early September, several Chinese media outlets became interested in a short film made by three digital arts students. Quite critical, this video focuses on the sensitive topic of urban planning in Beijing, and presents in a contemporary and dynamic way the issues regarding transportation, mobility and the capital’s vehicle fleet.

The film is backed up by some impressive data: the capital’s population density, much higher than that of other capitals, is estimated at 14,694 inhabitants/km² and the number of vehicle owners reached 5 million in January 2012. Even more striking is the fact that the center of Beijing represents only 6% of the total area of the city but bears more than 30% of its traffic.

  • 2012/09/13

  • Beijing

  • Modu Team


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Artistic short film explores urban planning in Beijing 39.905909, 116.391349 ARTISTIC SHORT FILM EXPLORES URBAN PLANNING IN BEIJINGTags: Digital Territories