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“Vernacular & Earthen Architecture towards Local Development” international scientific conference – Call for Abstract

The ICOMOS CIAV&SCEAH 2019 China Joint Annual Meeting & International Conference on “Vernacular & Earthen Architecture towards Local Development” (or ‘2019 Pingyao Conference’) is this year proposed to be held in Pingyao.

The city has been highly visible internationally because of its extremely rich tangible and intangible cultural heritage. It was listed as a National Historical and Cultural City in 1986 and successfully nominated to the World Heritage List in 1997. In the past two decades, the Pingyao County Government has put a lot of effort into the conservation and development of ancient cities, which has achieved remarkable outcomes, such as the establishment of refined management system for heritage conservation, improvement of human settlement, inheritance and innovation of culture, etc. However, World Heritage cities face new challenges nowadays.

The international high-level conference aims to promote the communication and cooperation on the conservation of vernacular and earthen architecture as well as the rural landscape towards local development, and to propose the ‘ICOMOS Pingyao Recommendation’ to contribute to the conservation of cultural heritage worldwide.

At the same time, this conference will provide recommendations and suggestions to improve the conservations and suggestions to improve the conservation of the authenticity and integrity of Pingyao World Heritage site and the local urban and rural conservation and sustainable development.

Date: September 6 to September 8, 2019
Venue: Pingyao, China
Deadline and contact for Abstracts Submission: April 10, 2019; Abstracts must be sent to
Theme and sub-themes of the event: Main Them – Vernacular & Earthen Architecture towards Local Development; Sub-themes – (1) The architectural features, values and conservation; (2) Challenges and Possible Solutions; (3) Contemporary conservation and technical innovation; (4) Adaptive reuse and revitalization towards local development; (Special Theme) Heritage Conservation Going Public: Case Studies of Pingyao International Workshop
Organizers: ICOMOS-CIAV, ICOMOS-ISCEAH, ICOMOS-CHINA, WHITRAP Shanghai, ACHCCP-UPSC, CURBH-ASC, Tongji University ; Academic Supporting Partners; Urban Planning Society of China; Architectural Society of China, Heritage Architecture, Built Heritage;  Co-organizers: Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute; Host: Pingyao County People’s Government
See full program: Announcement-2019CIAV-ISCEAH



March 6, 2019 to September 18, 2019
Call for Abstract
  • 2019/03/06 - 2019/09/18

  • Pingyao