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Strategies for the Future of Beijing Qianmen Hutongs – Exhibition

Since 2014, URBANUS has been invited to join forces for the preservation, planning, research and design of Beijing’s Hutong and Siheyuan space in the Xianyukou, Qianmen Area. Meanwhile, the organisation Youfang (Position) has also been working to advance a comprehensive history and systematic analysis of current conditions of the same area. The two organizations have decided to work in parallel in order to produce an exhibition containing a truly comprehensive analysis of existing conditions, broadening the platform for exploration and debate in order to more sensitively interrogate emerging issues and therefore, provide an avenue for reclaiming historic preservation by advancing a collection of strategies and action-plans, projecting the preconditions of the continued growth of the Beijing Hutongs.

By displaying this research through both gallery-installation and video-presentation, this exhibition presents a comprehensive summary of the organizations’ work over the past two-years. In summary, this collaborative exhibition aims to unearth the essential features of the Hutong courtyard space in the east Qianmen area, ultimately providing strategic advice for the revitalization and preservation of this vanishing district of old Beijing.

Date: From Septembre 25th, 2015 to November  28th, 2016
Location: SPACE-E6, URBANUS | Bld.2, C&C Park 77 Meishuguan Back St. Dongcheng District, Beijing
Curators: Urbanus
Link: Strategies for the Future of Beijing Qianmen Hutongs



September 25, 2015 to
  • 2015/09/25 -

  • Beijing