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New Mobile Places, the Challenge of Connectivity for Tomorrow’s Hyperplaces – Call for Case Studies

Launched on June 15, 2018, “New mobile places, the challenge of connectivity for tomorrow’s hyperplaces” is a call for case studies organized by Tongji University in the frame of the international program “Mobile hyperplaces” launched by the City On the Move-VEDECOM Institute.

The objective of the competition is to identify and study the different emerging and ongoing practices in on-the-move connected activities, beyond the simple transportation of people or goods. It aims to better understand the radical changes taking place in on-the-move activities, and define the characteristics of the new places generated by the arrival of hybrid and multifunctional vehicles: spaces in motion or physical spaces remodelled and augmented by the variety of potential uses – business, leisure, education, work, health, habitat… ; places described as “mobile hyperplaces” by City On the Move-VEDECOM Institute.

The aim is to observe on-the-move connected activities as they are today, with all their diversity of situations and mobile objects. The investigation will include activities, objects, and adaptations of public policies or spaces. This competition is therefore expected to produce deliverables that can be disseminated and demonstrated, in the form of photos reportages, videos, sound recordings, computer graphics, guided tours, exhibition, publications, etc.

This call for application is directed at inter-disciplinary groups (sociology, urban planning, geography, ethnology, etc) of students led by a teacher or researcher. The first and second prize-winning teams will be invited in Paris to present their further study during the Mobile Hyperplaces International Seminar on December 2018.

Organizer: Tongji University 
Calendar of competition: inventory of connected mobile activities: launching of the competition on June 15, 2018; deadline for uploading the survey sheets before midnight of December 15, 2018 ; announcement of the results by the international jury on December 21. Invitation for the laureates to present their work at the occasion of an international seminar in Paris, France on February 7, 2019
Place of case studies: proposed case studies should be located in China
Applicants Profile: Students led by a teacher or researcher
Contacts: Wang Zi Zhan, Tongji University (tel: 18621950473; e-mail:
Yuna Conan, City on the Move-VEDECOM Institute, (e-mail: 
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Call for Case Studies
  • 2018/06/15

  • 2018/12/15

  • China

  • Tongji University, IVM-VEDECOM