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Knowledge, Governance and Goals of Sustainable City in Asia – Colloquium

The development of Asian cities has followed various logics and therefore conduces to new ways of thinking and creating urban spaces. This implies new scales, new technical and institutional tools for urban planning as well as a growing number of projects linked with sustainable development. The colloquium “Asie 2017 – Connaissance, gouvernance et objectifs de la ville durable en Asie” (Knowledge, Governance and Goals of the sustainable City in Asia) is to be organised by Lille 1 University and the CNRS research centre on January 11 and 12, 2017. Its purpose is to compare and develop the various approaches of such urban changes.

The three main lines are the the technical and theoretical means , the relations between major stakeholders, and the long-range purposes of Asian “sustainable cities”: Knowledge and sustainability: How to plan Asia’s sustainable cities? Governance and sustainability: Who are the stakeholders? How do they interact? Well-being and sustainability: What and who are sustainable cities made for?

Date: From January 11, to January 12, 2017
Location: Lille, France
Call for papers: A paper title and abstract (up to 20 lines) in English is to be sent by April 30th 2016
Link: Knowledge, governance and goals of sustainable city in Asia



January 11, 2017 to
  • 2017/01/11 -

  • Lille