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Innovative Mobility & Urban Design: Mirroring Contemporary Metropolises – Symposium

Within the framework of the Innovative Metropolitan Mobility Chair, ENSA Strasbourg and LIVE laboratory (UNISTRA), in partnership with Eurométropole of Strasbourg (EmS), organize the Innovative mobility and urban design: Mirroring contemporary metropolises international symposium.

The symposium is an invitation addressed to both new and established researchers, as well as experts from the private or public spheres, who seek to rethink – or even revolutionize – mobility as a societal problem and/or practice. The main topic will focus the relation of mobility systems to metropolitan territories and places, through fields of knowledge and action as varied as architecture, engineering, geography, new technologies, and others.

The underlying premise of this event is that a new inter-disciplinary, inter-cultural and inter-stakeholder dialogue is necessary in order to respond effectively to the urban mobility issues put forward by the three pillars of sustainable development. Thus, within the context of a needed energy transition, how to combine the growing necessity and desire for speed in travel, with the imperative of reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gases? At the same time, how to achieve a better quality of public space dedicated to or crossed by mobility? How to ensure that the mobility of people, whether undergone or chosen, is part of a municipal and societal project that is acceptable and sustainable?

This event is an opportunity to enrich and widen the debate on urban mobility issues, in the light of other research experiences (fundamental and/or applied), innovation actions and (spatial) design projects, conducted in various metropolitan contexts and reaching to articulate the question of mobility (and its multiple aspects – technical, technological, ontological, spatial, etc.) with ways of thinking and making contemporary urban places and territories.

Through mirroring these experiences, the objective is to come across the scales of reflection, disciplinary fields (architecture, geography, engineering, sociology, etc.), as well as the diverse professional practices, expertise and cultures of the speakers (researchers, experts in the private sphere and the public sphere).

Date: September 21 & 22, 2018
Location: Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Strasbourg (ENSAS), 6 Bd du Président Wilson, Strasbourg, Amphithéatre 1 & Room F6.01
Registration: before September 12, 2018 at this link or contact
Scientific Directors: Cristiana Mazzoni, AUSser, IMM Chair, ENSA Professor; Dominique Badariotti, LIVE, UNISTRA Professor
Scientific coordinator: Andreea Grigorovschi, PhD, ENSAS Ass.Professor
Organizers: Innovative Metropolitan Mobility Chair, ENSAS-CAUP/Tongji-SYSTRA; AMUP laboratory, ENSAS; LIVE laboratory, UNISTRA
Partners: Strasbourg Eurométropole
See full program: ; program PDF version ; speaker profiles PDF



September 21, 2018 to September 22, 2018
  • 2018/09/21 - 2018/09/22

  • Strasbourg

  • Innovative Metropolitan Mobility Chair